Chair, Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Research focus on (1) Liquid crystal (LC) materials for thin film transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCD) (2) Blue phase LCs...
Ph.D,Professor, Former Chair of Materials Science and Engneering Department, College of Engineering; Chair of National Center for Nanoscience and Technology
Research Interests: 1. Micro/nano Materials; 2. Plasma synthesis processing;3. Materials for utilization of hydrogen energy; 4. Electrode materials for batteries; 5. Inorganic functional materials.
Professor of department of Materials Science and Engineering, Major research work on polymer composites including fiber reinforced and particles filled polymer composites, as well polymer blends.
The USA NSF Career Award; Honor of the College of Engineering at the University of Hawaii; Guinness World Records “The Smallest Nanotube Brushes”; China Awards for Science and Technology, Natural Science Z-108-2-04; China Education Administration Award, Natural Science - 006; China National One-hundred Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award.
First Place Prize in Material Advances in MRL, The Pennsylvania State University (for 1.5mm diameter micromotor)
Research Areas And Interests: 1. Digital Humans; 2. BioNano-Technology; 3. Space Dynamics Modeling; 4. Nano-Electronics; 5. Multibody Dynamics Modeling of Frictional Contact.
Outstanding Scientist Award, SCOPUS, Elsevier; New Century Outstanding Scholar Award, Ministry of Education in China; University Young Scholar (Fok Ying Tung) Award; Beijing Outstanding Talent Award; Beijing Rising Star of Science and Technology Award; JSPS Fellow (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science).
National Natural Science Award, 2nd Rank, State Council, China; National Excellent Doctoral Thesis Award, Ministry of Education, China; Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, Ministry of Education, China; Fok Ying Tong Education Foundation Young Investigator Award.
Research Areas:Computational design of materials for energy conversion and storage (hydrogen storage, solar cell, battery); Simulations of nano structures and assembled materials; Functionalizing single atomic sheet for applications.
Research Areas and Interests: Materials for lithium ion batteries; Catalyst for low temperature fuel cell; Density Functional Theory Study of energy materials.
Excellent Doctoral Thesis Award (top 100) in China; Excellent Doctoral Thesis Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize of the Chinese Academy of Science. Excellent Doctoral Thesis Award of The Chinese Vacuum Society (CVS) (2004)
Research Areas: Development of new kinds of biomedical metallic materials (Ti alloys, Mg alloys, Fe alloys, Bulk metallic glass, pure metals, bulk nanocrystalline materials, etc); Surface modification of biomedical materials (TiC, DLC, TiN, ZrN, drug coating, etc); Development of interventional therapy and minimal invasive therapy devices (stent, occlude, etc); Optimal design and evaluation of biomedical devicesusing finite element analysis; Development of nanocomposites and evaluation of the biocompatibility of nanomaterials (CNTs, ZrO2, TiO2,ZnO, Al2O3, etc.).
Dr. Zou’s research work focuses on developing both theoretical and experimental approaches to understand the specific interactions between various guest molecules and the active sites in the nanoporous structures, including aerogel, zeolites, MOFs, ZIFs, COFs, MSFs, and clathrates.
Research Areas and Interests: Photoresponsive liquid crystals and soft matter; Light-triggered photonics and advanced materials; Nanotechnology and self-organization; Polymer chemistry and physics; Photomechanical and energy-transferring materials; Hologram and data-storage materials.
Research Interests: 1.Design and synthesis of conjugated organics and polymers; 2.Organic electronics (solar cells, field-effect transistors, light-emitting diodes, sensors); 3.Organic photonics (two-photon absorption); 4.Self-assembly and self-organization of organics and polymers.
Major research work on polymer composites including fiber reinforced and particles filled polymer composites, as well polymer blends. The material systems studied and under investigation are: glass fiber/epoxy, carbon fiber/epoxy, wood fiber/PP, PP/PA6 blends, nano CaCO3/HDPE, nano SiO2/epoxy, steel fiber/PA, steel fiber + carbon nanotubes/PA, glass fiber/PP, etc.
Ph.D., Engineer, her makes major research on the design and preparation of functional liquid crystalline polymers, liquid crystalline small molecules, and composite materials as well as the structural design and micro-structural regulation of liquid crystalline materials, main research domains are: (1) Polymer composites for display and building energy efficiency; (2) Design and preparation of special liquid crystalline materials (coil, smectic, bistable, etc.); (3) High-performance polymer optical films; (4) Blue-phase liquid crystalline display materials.
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