Lecture 1
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Lecture:A Casual Talk on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Lecturer:Academician Youwei Du

Time:February 21  3:00--5:00pm

Place:Chemistry Building A717

Host:Dongxiao Zhang

Introduction of the lecturer:
      Graduated from the Academy of Physics Nanjing University in 1957, Du Youwei works here so far, serving as a Professor of Physics, a doctoral tutor, and an academican in Chinese Academy of Sciences.   

      He has won second price of the National Natural Science Award, first price of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Jiangsu Province, and he is also the first winner of four second level provincial prizes,  as well as 2007 HEli-Heliang Technology Award. He has cultivated 80 graduate students, including two who won the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award, and 16 postdoctoral students. He formed the nano-magnetic research group (NANOMAG). The whole group published more than 600 articles in SCI,and more than 4000 paper were cited. They also acquired 20 patents in China.   

      His research areas is magnetism and magnetic materials. Presently, he mainly carries out researches in the field of nano-magnetic and spintronics. In addition, he organizes related people, combined with the enterprises, to establish a R & D platform to develop nano-magnetic materials industry.

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