Lecture 5
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Title:Graphene-based aerogels: syntheses, properties & performances

Speaker:Prof. Xuetong Zhang

Date:Monday September 17, 2012
Time: 4:30–5:30PM
Location:Room 419, Science Teaching Building
Host:Ruqiang Zou

       Aerogels, generally prepared from molecular precursors by sol-gel processing and subsequently by supercritical fluid drying or by freeze drying to replace the solvents in the wet gels with air, are highly porous solid nanomaterials with unique characteristics including large pore volumes, high surface areas and tunable porosity. This presentation will focus on some novel sp2 hybridized carbon materials (including conducting polymers, graphene oxide, and graphene) used as building blocks of the aerogel 3D frameworks and versatile applications of these new aerogels in the field of energy storage, catalysis, drug carrier, purification of water, etc.

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