Progress In Phase Change Composites for Thermal
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·                         Professor Ruqiang Zou’s group makes progress in the research of phase change composites for thermal energy storage              Recently, the research team led by Professor Ruqiang Zou and Professor Anyuan Cao from the College of Engineering has made an important progress in the research of phase change composites for intelligent thermal control. Related papers entitled “Tailoring Carbon Nanotube Density for Modulating Electro-to-Heat Conversion in Phase Change Composites” and “Electro- and photodriven phase change composites based on wax-infiltrated carbon nanotubes sponges” have been published in Nano Letters and ACS Nano, respectively. ( ; and )          There exists latent heat absorb and release when materials experience phase transition. People can make use of these materials for controllable thermal energy storage and usage. So phase change materials have promising applications on energy-saving buildings, heat dissipation of electronic devices, and aerospace. However, phase change materials couldn’t be employed directly, and it is necessary to encapsulate them to overcome their own defects for practical applications.           Professor Zou’s group has put forward that nano-porous materials can be used to encapsulate phase change materials for thermal energy storage. They have prepared several new kinds of phase change composites with excellent thermal stability, cycling performance, thermal conductivity, and high loading rate of phase change materials. The porous confinement can effectively overcome the leakage of solid-liquid phase change materials during phase change process. What’s more, Professor Zou’s group has firstly used phase change composites to realize light-to-heat and electricity-to-heat conversion. The work has created a new strategy for phase change materials applied on thermal energy storage. The research has been awarded “Best Poster Award” on the International Conference on Nanoscience & Technology, China 2013, which has been spoken highly of by other experts.          The research is supported by the National Basic Research Program of China, National Natural Science Foundation of China.       Phase change composites applied on light-to-heat, electricity-to-heat conversion, and thermal energy storage                                             “Best Poster Award” on the International Conference on Nanoscience & Technology


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